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Bhakti is an excellent facilitator who easily connects with her audience. Even during a virtual training, her warmth and professionalism shines through. I was impressed with her both her preparation and flexibility. As a newer facilitator, I really appreciated that she gave insightful, tangible feedback that I hadn't received before. The skills I took away from her sessions have already proven useful in my training facilitation and many of my other responsibilities in HR and Operations. I would definitely join another opportunity with Bhakti if given the chance.


Training and Development Manager at Kenzan

Bhakti has deep insights into learning, human psychology and communication. Her approach is quite humane,simple but effective. Working with her improved my business skills. I was able to relate to the human and business needs of my team. Bhakti brings a lot of energy and process in her work that makes her very effective.


Program and Business Operations Manager at Amdocs

Bhakti is my coach and guide who helped me become a facilitator. Her to the point feedback for both positives and improvement area, helped me tremendously in my learning. She planned ongoing training for next few months to ensure I the get chance to shadow and then go full on for several topics. Today, I love facilitating workshops, the confidence and skills I acquired, I can totally credit them to Bhakti for her trust and training.


Senior Product Manager at JustTakeAway.com