Facilitation Skills Masterclass: The Art of creating and sustaining Dialogue

Facilitate dialogue like a pro to enhance your influence, connection and leadership, even in the most difficult situations.

Who is This Training For?

This course is ideal for professionals who serve others in their roles through leading, consulting, managing, or coaching. If you find yourself avoiding, dreading, or delaying difficult conversations, getting stuck or frustrated because you are not able to express yourself, then this course is for you.


Looking to drive innovation through bold and courageous dialogue. (enough of "Who has an idea?)​

HR Professionals

Looking to boost their finesse and confidence in the art of navigating difficult dialogue. (Because if you don’t, no one will)​

Coaches and Consultants

Looking to up-level their skills in the techniques of inquiry, safety, and trust building. (Those clients will keep coming back for it)​

Facilitators, Trainers

Looking to enhance their facilitation toolkit to create transformative experiences in their sessions. (Knock them off their feet!)​

Program Managers

Looking to get better at influencing stakeholders to take action and drive momentum in projects. (You deserve accountability too)​

What Will You Get Out of This Training​

You will get to live in a facilitator's mindset which means you will start thinking and acting like a facilitator right from day 1.​

Internalize the essential dimensions of dialogue to facilitate like a pro in any situation or group.​

This course is anything but a monologue. You will experience, practice, and play with dialogue as you learn it.​

You will learn how to overcome resistance to dialogue through the art of reflection, questioning, and intervention methodologies​.

You will learn how to create "forward shifts" and commitments to action using the power of dialogue.​

Key Skills and Modules

Understanding Dialogue

Starting at the basics, why do we need more dialogue, why is it used and how can YOU use it to get what you and your people need.​

Creating safety

You will learn how to make everyone feel safe, including yourself, especially in high-stakes dialogues with powerful players.​

Managing emotions

Not just your own but of those involved in the dialogue. Of course, it starts with you.​

Adopting a Facilitator's Mindset

This sounds meta because it is. You have to step into the facilitator's mindset to truly use the secrets of facilitation. "Fake it till you make it" doesn't work in the world of facilitating dialogue.​

The Dialogue Facilitation Framework

This is the juice, the crux. You will learn everything you need to facilitate your first dialogue through a simple framework that is easy to remember and apply, even in the middle of the night.

The dance of dialogue

It's got beats, movements, and rhythm. Learn how to dance between the extremes of leading and following; content and process; listening and instructing to sustain your dialogue.​

Facilitation Toolkit

Don't just borrow, steal the entire kit, own it, and use it in your own unique style.​

Hear From Bhakti About The Course​

"In a world full of influencers, become a facilitator.​"

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this workshop is meant for anyone who is looking to influence others, build safe and inclusive workplaces, be an effective advocate for themselves and others, or build/lead an innovative team.

The boot camp is a 6-weeks workshop series (one 3 hours session every week). You are also required to spend about 45 minutes in between sessions doing some light reading, watching videos or preparing for live practice/demo sessions.

Yes, we can discuss this over email or a call.

The bootcamp fee is non-refundable but if for some reason you can't make it, we can accommodate you in the next scheduled bootcamp within 1 year.

The cohort size in anywhere between 5 and 15.

Absolutely! We have helped organizations like Amdocs and Genworth build their dialogue muscle through facilitation skills training for leaders and HR professionals. Send an email to bhakti@thirdlooplearning.com for learn more.

Ready for the Facilitation Skills Masterclass?

Our world of work today needs managers and leaders who go beyond speaking and listening and can intentionally create spaces where collaboration happens through dialogue.

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Hi, Thank you for visiting Third Loop Learning. Download the 10 Ways to navigate difficult conversations with the "Power of Dialogue".
Hi, Thank you for visiting Third Loop Learning. Download the 10 Ways to navigate difficult conversations with the "Power of Dialogue".