Facilitation Mastery:
Transformative Dialogue for Leaders Masterclass Series

Transform your organization by learning the skills to facilitate impactful conversations.

Next Cohort Starting October 9th, 2024

Are you an HR, DEI, OD or Leadership & Development Professional?

If so, this masterclass is for you.

It's No Secret That Communication is Key.

As an HR professional, consultant, coach, or corporate manager, you know the importance of effective communication. 

Yet, fostering meaningful conversations that drive organizational growth can be incredibly challenging.

We understand your struggle.

Imagine if you could turn every meeting or day to day conversation into

A productive, solution-driven discussion, leading to a more inclusive, innovative, safe and successful environment.

This masterclass will empower you to do just that, creating a ripple effect that benefits every level of your business.

Are you wanting to:

The Facilitation Skills Masterclass is the pathway to get you there…

Meet Your Facilitator:

Bhakti Karkare


With over a decade of experience in organizational facilitation, Bhakti has trained and coached hundreds of leaders and professionals across the globe to transform their communication dynamics and learn the art and science of facilitation.

Bhakti’s unique approach, blends both leadership AND dialogue. Centered around sustainability, she turns communication into an everyday practice that results in effective communication. Bhakti’s approach has led to significant growth and problem-solving within large organizations and 1-person coaching businesses alike.


Imagine if you could

Confidently lead conversations that uncover root issues, generate innovative solutions, and resolve conflicts quickly and constructively.

All while your team felt heard and valued, resulting in increased morale and productivity within your organization or business.

Mastering this type of dialogue will enhance you and your team’s everyday communication, fostering better personal and professional relationships.

Ready for a transformation?


Facilitation Mastery:
Transformative Dialogue for Leaders Masterclass Series

Go from struggling with ineffective communication to mastering the art of facilitation and dialogue to drive real change within your organization.

Next Cohort Starting October 9th, 2024

Your Investment: $995

Weekly Support & Guidance

Live Call Schedule:

October 9

9:00 AM-12:00 PM MT (12:00-3:00 ET)

October 16

9:00 AM-12:00 PM MT (12:00-3:00 ET)

October 23

9:00 AM-12:00 PM MT (12:00-3:00 ET)

October 30

9:00 AM-12:00 PM MT (12:00-3:00 ET)

How It Works

LIVE Interactive Workshops

Hands-on sessions that equip you with practical skills.

Expert Guidance

Learn from Bhakti’s extensive experience and proven methods.

Community Support

Connect with like-minded professionals facing similar challenges.

Actionable Insights

Implement what you learn immediately for real-world impact.

What's Included:

LIVE Masterclass 1

Foundations of Effective Dialogue:

Setting the Stage for Successful Facilitation

LIVE Masterclass 2

Driving Commitment and Action:

Tools for Effective Facilitation

LIVE Masterclass 3

Mastering Dialogue:

Essential Tools to Engage and Influence

LIVE Masterclass 4

Putting Skills into Practice:

Real-World Facilitation and Feedback

Why Leadership and Dialogue Matter:

Dialogue is more than just regular everyday communication.

It’s about intentionally interacting in a way that encourages a deeper level of understanding, connection, and leadership within an organization or even personal relationships. 

Once these tools are learned and integrated into your everyday life, you’ll see a transformation in how your team communicates and collaborates. An inclusive and efficient environment not only fosters personal growth but also drives the overall growth of your organization.

Ready to Elevate Your Facilitation Skills?

Join our masterclass to unlock the full potential of your team and transform your organization’s communication dynamics.

What Others are Saying:

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“Bhakti shifted my mindset in ways that I hadn’t really thought before.

She has a very clean, easy framework to get you started immediately, and gives clear keys that you can start doing right away to help facilitate good dialogue in your organization.”

– Sarah Hart
Employee Services Partner | Cengage Group


“I appreciated that Bhakti gave insightful, tangible feedback that I hadn’t received before.

She is an excellent facilitator who easily connects with her audience. Even during a virtual training session, her warmth and professionalism shine through. 

I was impressed with both her preparation and flexibility. The skills I took away from her sessions have already proven useful in my training facilitation and many of my other responsibilities in HR and Operations.”

– Kate Pisano
Training and Development Manager | Kenzan

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“So often discussions of equity and inclusion focus on why it’s important…

but working in Human Resources, we know it’s important. We know it has real everyday practical effects on the people that we serve.

But what was different about this talk was that Bhakti gave real concrete, actionable steps that were logical and easy to follow, with enough diversity of examples that you can apply it to whatever the culture is in your organization.

– Erika Ryerson
PHR, Senior Human Resources Specialist | State of Wisconsin

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your facilitation skills and your organization.

Facilitation Mastery:
Transformative Dialogue for Leaders Masterclass Series

Transform your organization by learning the skills to facilitate impactful conversations.

Next Cohort Starting October 9th, 2024

Your Investment: $995

Our world of work today needs managers and leaders who go beyond speaking and listening and can intentionally create spaces where collaboration happens through dialogue.

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